Learning that self-love thing

If you follow me on Instagram, self-love is something I touch on a lot. It’s something I strongly advocate because I believe its plays the most crucial part in your overall health. And I love my health! But I’m not afraid to admit, I’m still learning that self-love thing.

Self-love comes in many different forms. Be it beauty, personality, physical characteristics, socially, emotionally, spiritually… the list goes on. And there is only one key component to embrace every one of those forms and that is ‘To accept without judgement’.

On my journey to self-love I’ve come across things that resonate with me, things that don’t personally work for me and some things I’m still experimenting with.

I believe the way we speak to ourselves determines what we become. If you’re going to speak to yourself with a deriding and critical voice, you’ll subconsciously become a version of a deriding and critical person. If you’re speaking it, you’re being it.

The struggle with self-love is that we all have what I’m going to call, a little thing called your inner dag. You’ve probably heard the expression before, "You're such a dag". 

Yup, I’m associating that annoying, judgmental voice in your head as a DAG.

DAG (noun); an entertainingly eccentric person; a character.

Start associating that negative inner voice as this character.  And when she starts talking give her an entertaining or comic voice too. Don't try to ignore her. I acknowledge that she’s there. And then thank her for entertaining your thoughts. 

Catching my inner dag is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’ve tried it time and time again and it isn’t an easy task. There are days where I let her consume me. Heck, I’ve let my inner dag talk for hours on end but more often nowadays, I’m catching her, pushing her to one corner of my mind and trapping her. And with each practice it gets easier and easier.

I've heard it said before "Speak to yourself the way you would speak to your best friend". I guess self-love in affect is being your own best friend. So the next time your self-dag starts affecting the way you feel, tell her she is no friend of yours and kindly ask her to move along.

We can start to harmonize ourselves with that inner voice once we learn that it is only that - a voice.

It takes committed practice but life is way too short to live at war with yourself for another day.

So, hands up, who's on this journey with me?!

Rochelle Mace