New year, new intentions

At the turning of another year and the beginning of an entirely new one, there is no better time to set new intentions and goals.

I find that setting a new years resolutions can be quite ambitious. It's great to set a yearly goal but it is just as important to set smaller, more achievable goals in between. I also feel that the type of goals you set are a reflection of what you have learnt and already achieved.

To make sure you are setting the right intentions it's important to list what you have learnt throughout the past year and what areas of your life will you put your energy into for the new year to come.

So here is a little list of what I learnt in year 2017 and where my focus will lie in the new year ahead:

  • You have to make mistakes. It's the only way to learn. 
  • No one is responsible for making you feel good or bad about yourself. It's up to you to make yourself FEEL anything at all.
  • Don't rely on acknowledgement or validation from anyone else. Pride yourself in knowing what a good job you have done. Just because it doesn't come from someone else doesn't mean it wasn't worthwhile doing.
  • The universe will throw lessons at you in many different forms, be it people, money, health etc... Ask the universe what lesson it is trying to teach you. Don't cuss at the world for the cards it has dealt you.
  • The universe only knows YES. So essentially, what you put out, you get back. Make sure everything you are putting out comes from a place of love. Even in the most uncomfortable and painful situations. Be grateful for them, for everything has its purpose.
  • In order to grow sometimes you must be in a state of anxiety. Sometimes that means taking the leap of faith and scaring yourself. Run with it. You never know how much strength you have until you accept the challenge.
  • Give yourself permission to speak sincerely from the heart. Journal your thoughts and emotions. You will never understand the whispers of your own heart if you don't put them down on paper right in front of you.
  • Show up authentically. If you don't be your true authentic self, you are violating your life. It's self betrayal if you are living in a state of who you THINK you are SUPPOSED to be or what you THINK what you are SUPPOSED to be doing. And you will never be your authentic self if you are chasing approval from others. 
  • Don't avoid your emotions. Be willing to feel scared, jealous, hurt, depressed... You don't get to discover who you really are if you don't feel the fear and all the darker emotions in life. 
  • A deeply happy life begins in the hardest times of our life. Just when you thought you couldn't, life has a funny way of showing you, you CAN!
  • Be grateful. Every. Single. Day. You raise your vibration when you are in a state of gratitude. And you can't stay angry for long when you choose to be grateful. 
  • Challenge the negative voices in your head. Tell them you won't buy into them. What you focus on grows and you get to choose where your focus lies.

I could add onto this list for hours but this is what really stood out in 2017 for me. Most of these points have impacted my spiritual and emotional growth and I am so so grateful for that. I am blessed by the lessons I have learnt in the past year and I'm ready to face new hurdles and achieve greatness in 2018.

Now don't waste another minute of 2017 and go and write your list!

Happy New Year beautiful.