Redefining Beauty

Last night I performed a full moon oracle spread. It spoke many wisdoms and truth to me.

The card that resonated with me most of all was BEAUTY.  This card was positioned as my 'FULL MOON' card - What was to come about, given the most energy to and be empowered.

And as I studied this card, the root source of my belief around beauty finally came into light...

Firstly, if I had ever felt rejected by women or men, I internalised this as a lack of beauty within myself.

Secondly, I had formed self-limiting beliefs from past relationships with those that held highly superficial values. This formed an expectation that I had to look and act a certain way and I was being scrutinised if I portrayed otherwise.  

And thirdly, and most universally, social media had affected the way I viewed myself. I was comparing myself to a filtered version of every girl I scrolled past.

So the issues were clear within myself and I started to deeply challenge them. Why did I hold this belief of beauty within myself if I didn’t hold these values for the beauty of any other being? I appreciated beauty in the way another held themselves. Their authenticity and unique personality.  

Beauty is not an illusion, but an emanation from the soul that shines out. Your own beauty must be acknowledged and understood, not with the unseeing eyes of a culture that wishes to sell you the fear that your form is imperfect. A culture of neurotics who fear being rejected for their lack of youth and shiny hair.

Even the youngest, most beauteous of women are unable to see their beauty. We’ve built a society that has taught us to spend all our time and energy fixing ourselves, rather than nurturing what we have. 

So here is my assignment at hand and if this reading resonates with you, I ask you to undertake it too:

  1. Acknowledge your beauty – Your body deserves time and reverence. Separate your beauty from appearance and the commercial world. Respect it as being sacred. A temple to be honoured and grateful for.
  2. Nurture self-love - To nurture your beauty is to speak to yourself with grace and kindness. In doing so we are cleansing our soul and enabling ourselves to support and see the potential beauty in others.
  3. Implement beauty rituals – Weekly facials, hair treatment’s, manicures and pedicures. Introduce rituals that make you FEEL GOOD. Let go of anything you do in your routine purely for the sake of LOOKING GOOD. 
  4. Water cleansing – Jump in the ocean as much as possible! The sea contains magnesium and has a naturally occurring calming effect. 
  5. Gratitude – Repeat affirmations about your beauty everyday. By focusing on the way our beauty enhances our life and the things around us, this helps us unlearn the belief that our beauty is only physical. eg. “I am grateful for being able to empathise with others”. "I am grateful for that my smile allowing me to connect with others".

So now I ask you to take some time to journal out your own self-limitng beliefs. Question the way you perceive beauty in yourself and others.

Time spent appreciating yourself, will be time well bestowed.