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 Unlock Your Innate Creativity

The 8 Week Program

Hello gorgeous human and welcome to my 8 Week Program to unlocking your innate creativity.

This program is for the creative like you, wanting to elevate in all area’s of your life, unlock your creative gifts (yep, we all have them!), improve your mindset and find the confidence to step into the creative life of your dreams.

I created this program based on everything I’ve learn’t in my life so far, from becoming a business owner, manifesting my own creative opportunities, applying dialectical behaviour therapy and emotional regulation techniques, unlocking my own creativity and stepping into my power of being an artist and so much more. I want to give YOU the tools and the support to feel empowered to make bold actions in the pursuit of your creative dreams. This is so much more than a program for your creativity, it’s really about coming home to yourself and cultivating more of what you want in EVERY area of your life (and feeling deserving of it!).

Are you wondering if this program is a right fit for you? These next questions will help you answer that…

  • Do you feel intimidated by the thought of being creative, that it stops you from creating anything at all?

  • Are you often overwhelmed or unsure about manifestation and crave a PRACTICAL and psychological based approach?

  • You find yourself admiring other creatives work and wishing you could step into your own creativity?

  • You feel creatively blocked or perhaps you’re still creating but you’ve lost inspiration and motivation?

  • You feel your hard work goes unseen, it’s not fairly compensated and as a result, you just not feel good enough?

  • You may even feel that you're not creative but you would love to tap into it? (and I promise you, it’s already within you)

  • Perhaps you speak harshly about yourself, your work and you struggle to keep a positive mindset towards life in general?

  • Do you feel like you lack support from those around you, or you don’t have a friendship circle that aligns with your interests and values?

  • Do you want to quieten your monkey mind, strengthen your mindset and feel confident in yourself and everything you create?

  • Are you stuck in a job that isn’t aligned with you and you crave a more creative, inspiring life?

  • Do you want to explore your spirituality and learn how to really listen to your own intuition?

  • Are you feeling lost on what your life purpose is not sure or what path to take next?

If this resonates with you - you’re not alone. I’ve been there too and I spent the last 5 years working through all of it, to get to where I am now. This program is full with the tools I wish someone had given me to support my creative journey.

What’s included in the 8 Week Program:

  • 8 weeks of 1:1 coaching with me on Zoom

  • WhatsApp Support for the 8 weeks.

  • Weekly creative assignments

  • Accountability & tools to create a maintainable routine & daily habits

  • A gorgeous workbook with all your weekly exercises

  • A beautiful video and audio experience to guide you through your exercises

  • Guided meditations and visualistions

  • An online community on facebook

  • A beautiful welcome pack


The 8 Week Modules:

Week 1: Reconnect to your soul’s creative desires

Week 2: Introducing your creative morning routine

Week 3: Exploring the creative child

Week 4: A practical approach to manifestation & attracting more of what you want

Week 5: Building a conscious relationship & healthy boundaries, within yourself and others

Week 6: Finding your purpose & unlocking your innate creativity

Week 7: Understanding the masculine and feminine energy and achieving more balance between the two

Week 8: Stepping fully into your creative power and setting you up for a life time of creativity

This beautiful experience is yours to keep for a lifetime. If this is your call to creativity, it’s time to pick up the phone and allow yourself to finally shine. Spaces are limited as I only like to work with an intimate number of people to give YOU the time and attention you deserve.

Everything you have ever wanted is standing on the other side of your creativity and I truly believe that when you fully unlock and get to own the innate creativity that lies within you, your confidence will sky rocket, your ideas and creations will flourish and as a result, every other aspect of your life will too.

You’ll never feel ready babe, so you might as well just take the leap!